How to choose the best man and van removals company in Manchester

Should you hire a removals company or move house by yourself?

If you don't live in a tiny house or flat, it's usually worth hiring a professional removal firm to assist you with your move. Although packing and transporting delicate goods may not appear to be difficult, there is an art to packing fragile things properly so that they do not break during transit. Removal workers will also know how much weight they can carry and will do so in a safe manner, allowing you to avoid injuring yourself.

How much does it cost to use a removals company?

The expense of utilising a man and van Manchester company will be determined by a number of factors. The distance travelled, the size of the crew, and the speed with which the goods are packed all influence the overall cost. A competent removals business will detail its charges and how you may save money.

Receiving quotes from man and van Manchester companies

Get three quotations from removals firms, preferably ones that will come to your property rather of just estimating the cost over the phone. This is particularly crucial when there are things like limited access or narrow stairways that will influence the work. If you get a quote from a company who cannot come to your property in person, be as honest and accurate as possible when describing your belongings, and don't forget to include the contents of a loft or garage.

If you're moving to a new region, get an estimate from a firm in the area where you'll be living. Prices there may be more competitive, so getting an estimate from a business near your current address is recommended. Include the total cost of insurance, packing, hourly rate, mileage and any storage expenses when requesting an estimate. Learn whether overtime premiums are charged and whether they apply after peak hours.

Check that Removals company has insurance

Keep in mind that if the transfer is delayed, you may not be able to check into the new property until later in the day or the next day.

This is especially true if you are moving to a new city. In this case, your belongings might have to be stored in a warehouse overnight. Make sure that the removals company has adequate insurance, and remember to ask about it when getting quotes.

If you don't know how long the move will take, ask what would happen if it is delayed and you are unable to enter the new property in the afternoon or the next day.